TCPA Class Action Administration

Kroll Settlement Administration has administered large, complex Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) class action litigation.

The TCPA was passed in 1991 in response to the unprecedented rise in automated phone and fax solicitations that occurred as a result of advances in technology. Since the TCPA was signed into law, companies across every industry have faced legal repercussions. With settlements involving thousands of claimants and escalating into the tens of millions of dollars, top attorneys partner with us to handle the class action notice and administration of their complex TCPA matters.

What Is the Telephone Consumer Protection Act?

The TCPA is meant to protect consumers from daily solicitations they could not otherwise avoid and places several stringent restrictions on telemarketing that uses automatic dialing systems, voice messaging, robocalls, fax and SMS messaging.

We are the Trusted Partner in TCPA Class Action Claims Administration

We provide award-winning solutions and leading class action settlement administration services, executed completely in-house for the specific requirements of each settlement. With more than 50 years of experience, our class action team has processed over 100 million claims and distributed more than $30 billion in settlement funds.

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Consult With Us for Your TCPA Case

If you are engaged in a case pertaining to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, contact us for a consultation.

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Class Action Administration

Highlighted Experience

Simms v. Exact Target, LLC

  • $6.25 settlement fund
  • Over 13,000 claims filed
  • Over 600,000 notices mailed

Simms v. Exact Target, LLC

Grant v. Commonwealth Edison Company

  • $4.9 million settlement
  • Over 11,000 claims filed
  • Over 1 million notices mailed
  • Located over 90,000 missing class records

Grant v. Commonwealth Edison Company

Zoey Bloom v. Jenny Craig Inc.

  • $3 million settlement
  • Over 28,000 claims filed
  • Over 500,000 notices mailed
  • Over 97% class reach

Zoey Bloom v. Jenny Craig Inc.