Securities Class Action Claims Administration

Your trusted partner in securities settlement administration.

Kroll Settlement Administration is a leader in the notice and administration of class action settlements for securities litigation involving common or preferred stock, notes, bonds, IPOs, options, American depositary receipts (ADRs), complex financial instruments and commodities. Our team maintains a proprietary list of banks, brokers and nominees and understands the complexities of noticing and processing claims on behalf of these entities.

First Company to Administer a Securities Class Action Settlement

Our class action team was the first to administer a securities class action case when we handled the notice and administration of the Atlantic Department Stores class action lawsuit in 1974. Since then, we have administered hundreds of cases and distributed billions in settlement benefits. Many of the processes and procedures we created are still used in securities class action matters today, and we continue to innovate with industry-leading technology.

Complete In-House Team to Administer Securities Class Action Settlements and Damage Awards

We don’t rely on third-party services for the financial, tax, audit and accounting analysis required to administer a securities class action settlement. Our in-house staff has the experience and skills required to develop settlement fund distribution algorithms, draft plans of allocation and confirm and verify claim validity before any settlement funds are distributed. Our team also includes tax professionals who monitor the tax impacts of transactions under Section 468(B) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Our industry knowledge and proprietary administration platform, custom built specifically for securities cases, enables communication with shareholders while ensuring secure, efficient case administration.

Advanced Notice Practices for Securities Class Action Administration

Layers of confidentiality make reaching class members in securities class actions challenging. Our team communicates with all interested compliance departments every step of the way and we maintain a proprietary database of brokers, financial institutions, transfer agents and other professional entities to reach securities shareholders in a timely and efficient manner.

Enhanced Fraud Control Identifies Suspicious Securities Claims

We use advanced control processes in the administration of all securities class action settlements to reduce fraudulent claims and fraudulent distribution checks. Our internal processes are designed to meet stringent industry standards, mitigate risk, comply with security and processing integrity and protect confidentiality.

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Partner with Us for Your Securities Class Action Settlements

Our team provides unparalleled securities class action settlement administration services. We understand the nuances of securities litigation and can help prevent potential problems before they occur. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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Class Action Administration

Highlighted Experience

Contant v. Bank of America (FX Indirect Antitrust)

  • Over $23 million settlement
  • Over 10,000 claims filed to date
  • Over 100,000 notices sent
  • Currency related complex financial instrument/antitrust matter

Contant v. Bank of America (FX Indirect Antitrust)

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