Environmental Toxic Tort Settlements

As a leader in the administration of environmental toxic tort settlements, we have the experience and resources to get the job done right.

Kroll Settlement Administration is a leader in complex class action litigation, including environmental settlement administration. For toxic tort settlements, our team of industry experts offers customized solutions for each case.

Environmental Settlements Are Unique

Environmental toxic tort cases have unique factors, risks and challenges, but our in-depth knowledge, proven processes and long history of administering environmental settlements gives us the flexibility to proactively handle any challenge that may arise.

We have the requisite experience to effectively navigate and manage the myriad of issues presented by environmental and property owner class action settlements, including working with property owners to manage the lengthy claims process, identifying changes of address, accurately validating documentation regarding property ownership and also notifying and distributing property to heirs.

Our Environmental Settlement Administration Experience Speaks Volumes

We have a long-standing record of excellence in environmental class action claims administration. Both counsel and the judge commended us for our leadership in managing the notice and administration in the highly publicized Three Mile Island class action settlement with our compassion and loss evaluation protocol that effectively satisfied everyone involved.

More recently, we handled the administration of the Columbia Gas Explosion Litigation, distributing $143 million to approximately 175,000 claimants. Management of the compensation fund required extraordinary diligence and good judgment as residents, property owners and businesses in the Merrimack Valley were eligible to collect payouts ranging anywhere from $50 to $15,000 based on their level of disruption.

Kroll Settlement Administration is a distinguished leader in environmental class action claims administration with a full range of in-house services to handle litigation of any size.

Ready to Take on Any Toxic Tort Settlement

Our team is fully prepared to tackle the complicated scientific and regulatory issues that often arise in environmental toxic tort settlements. Contact us today for a consultation on your settlement.

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Class Action Administration

Highlighted Experience

In Re: Columbia Gas Cases

  • $143 million settlement
  • Approximately 16,000 claims filed
  • Approximately 92,000 notices mailed
  • Settlement for victims of a residential natural gas explosion

In Re: Columbia Gas Cases

In Re: Three Mile Island Litigation

  • $25 million settlement
  • Over 15,000 claims filed
  • Settlement resulting from a partial meltdown of a nuclear reactor

In Re: Three Mile Island Litigation