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Notice Media Solutions

Market-leading team of media strategists providing customized digital and multimedia legal notice solutions.

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Kroll Notice Media Solutions brings the most experienced media team in the industry, with thousands of court-approved notice programs across all media channels globally.

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Implemented more than 1,000 court-approved legal notice campaigns
Implemented more than 1,000 court-approved legal notice campaigns
Only notice expert to testify before congress
Only notice expert to testify before congress
Only expert to work with CPSC to improve product recall campaigns
Only expert to work with CPSC to improve product recall campaigns
State and Federal in-court testimony experience
State and Federal in-court testimony experience

Our campaigns are custom-designed to reach and motivate difficult-to-find audiences, and are successful because we believe that all media is interconnected in the eyes of the consumer. We understand how to best weave analytics and behavioral insights together to reach intended audiences. Importantly, our campaigns are actively managed to ensure optimal results no matter the complexity, scale or time constraints.

Kroll Notice Media is unique among other legal media teams in that our strategists and tacticians have many years of collective experience across all media silos: print (newspaper and magazine), digital (online, display, video, OTT) social media, influencers, public relations, media monitoring, community management and content development. Additionally, we pay close attention to brand safety, reputation and anti-fraud mitigation while ensuring the highest quality notice placement, response and engagement.

Our Services

  • Expert testimony
  • Media strategy consultation, planning and execution of legal notice programs
  • Target research including demographics and media use preference
  • Audience persona development and focus groups
  • Digital communication strategy and implementation
  • Influencer strategy and implementation
  • Media planning, negotiation, placement and measurement
  • Earned media and social media monitoring and measurement
  • Plain language message development
  • Creative development and production including broadcast
  • Brand safety and fraud management
  • Media attribution and website engagement

The changing regulatory landscape, shifting expectations of consumers, adoption of digital media platforms and increased scrutiny of the courts have driven the demand for a higher level of expertise and quality within notice media. These influences require subject matter experts, purpose-built systems and innovative strategies that are rooted in analytics, validated by third parties, and highly defensible in court.

Why Choose Kroll Notice Media Solutions

Recognized Leader in Class Action Notice Media

The ever-changing media landscape requires the expertise of a notice team with the years of experience and industry proficiency to achieve successful results in class action cases. Our team relies on quantifiable analytics utilized in the advertising industry and embraced by the courts to help validate the percentage of potential claimants exposed to a notice program and the average number of times those individuals have an opportunity to view it. Our media experts can implement a notice program that achieves the broadest outreach, satisfies due process, complies with Federal Rule 23(c)(2) and stands up to judicial scrutiny.

Setting the Standard in Restructuring Notice Plans

Our team has been recognized by the courts for continuously being at the forefront of modern notice practices in restructuring matters. We were the first to integrate digital media and social media to engage audiences in court-approved bankruptcy notice programs, including the use of Hollywood-style production and A-list actors, television, podcasts and social media influencers. We were also the first to use plain language for bar date notices with our work in the PG&E Corporation and Purdue Pharma bankruptcy matters.

Unrivaled Data Security and Technology

Through our industry experts, our innovative, proprietary technology platforms, and our unrivaled data security measures, we drive accuracy, efficiency and cost savings while providing unlimited scalability. Our clients can have the utmost confidence when working with us on their most complex and sensitive matters. Learn more about our data security and technology.

Highlighted Experience

Yahoo! Inc. Customer Data Security Breach Litigation

  • First to use digital and social media in all languages in U.S. and Israel
  • Reach: 81% in U.S. and 77% in Israel
  • Languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian

Yahoo! Inc. Customer Data Security Breach Litigation

Imerys Talc America, Inc. Delaware

  • First Restructuring to extensively use Social Media WeChat in China and globally
  • Notice spanning 10 Countries
  • Reach: 80% in U.S. and 70% in Canada

Imerys Talc America, Inc. Delaware

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