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Advanced solutions to support our clients' most complex business needs.

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Kroll Business Technology works with law firms, banks, large corporations, agents and issuers to provide a myriad of global business technology services, including workflow management solutions, contract and management system review, strategic communication solutions, legal research, virtual meeting hosting and business process outsourcing.

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Leading cloud-based technology
Leading cloud-based technology
Unmatched efficiency, accuracy and speed in execution
Unmatched efficiency, accuracy and speed in execution
Multi-lingual, high-volume and cross-border execution expertise
Unique ability to scale communication center up or down for each case
Reviewed, abstracted, and organized tens of thousands of contracts
Reviewed, abstracted, and organized tens of thousands of contracts
Our Services

  • Business process outsourcing services for managing private assets including private shares, private bonds and other private claims related to restructuring transactions
  • Workflow management solutions to improve current business processes, including company onboarding and know your customer (KYC) management
  • Contracts and critical data review under tight deadlines
  • Custom contract management tools to update antiquated document archives
  • Compliance review of contracts and management systems against internal, regional and industry requirements
  • Strategic communication services globally, including call center capabilities, crisis communications services or media consulting during a complex legal matter
  • Research requests related to complex legal matters
  • Hosted virtual meetings


Why Kroll Business Technology

Scalable Business Technology Capabilities

Our advanced business technology solutions are completely customizable. Depending on our clients’ needs and the level of complexity involved with each engagement, we can quickly scale our services up or down to increase efficiency and provide cost-savings.

Workflow and Private Asset Management Technology Platform

Our proprietary platform, Kroll Business Connect, is a new solution built on modern technology that helps to eradicate manual and other inefficient activities by centralizing the workflow within a single cloud-based, collaborative environment for all stakeholders in real-time.

For Compliance teams it provides a new solution for streamlining the workflow of KYC/onboarding processes while easily integrating with any compliance system you may already have deployed.

For Loan Agency teams it offers the first cloud-based platform that truly brings together all administrative matters and communications between agents, borrowers, and lenders into one single ecosystem.

Unrivaled Data Security and Technology

Through our industry experts, our innovative, proprietary technology platforms, and our unrivaled data security measures, we drive accuracy, efficiency and cost savings while providing unlimited scalability. Our clients can have the utmost confidence when working with us on their most complex and sensitive matters. Learn more about our data security and technology.

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Kroll Business Connect

Kroll Business Connect

Introducing a workflow solution designed to streamline KYC for compliance professionals.

Kroll Business Connect