Private and Public Loan Sectors

Enlist our team to ensure a well-organized and efficient engagement from beginning to end.

We provide leading agency and trustee services to various markets including acquisition finance and M&A, Unitranche, mid-market public and private debt and syndicated and bank-bond structures. When raising financing in the private credit or the public syndicated loan markets–the latter often alongside a public bond offering–your choice of agent and trustee is pivotal to ensuring a smooth execution and efficient ongoing administration.

When you work with Lucid Agency and Trustee Services, your engagement will be handled with the utmost attention to detail, speed and accuracy. Borrowers, sponsors and legal counsel will also benefit from a well-organized and efficient process. We are always available to review and sign off on finance documentation in short order and post-closing. Our team will ensure the swift processing of all information exchanges, any consents/waivers and any trades between lenders.

Clients choose Lucid to serve as commercial agent or trustee in all manner of private and public financings, including the following steps and services:

  • Mandate Discussion – We will work closely with advisors, creditors and their legal representatives to define and facilitate our role in the transaction.
  • Fee Proposal – We provide committed fees on the same day of inquiry, and always within a 24-hour timeframe.
  • Team Allocation – Upon engagement, we will assign dedicated transaction management, execution and KYC / onboarding staff to the engagement to begin work immediately.
  • Documentation Review – Alongside legal counsel, we review all finance documents. With our depth of experience acting as the agent and/or trustee on hundreds of transactions, our review process is fast and efficient, ensuring our comments are focused and commercial in nature.
  • Post Appointment – Our team of experts performs the operational functions of the agent and/or trustee and implements the agreed upon restructuring strategy under the direction and indemnification of the creditors.
  • Lender/Loan Positions – Our team is adept at quickly processing the transfer of positions between lenders. We will update our system of record with lender commitments, loan drawings and interest accruals. We also calculate and notify parties of amounts due under the financing and receive the amounts due from the borrower and distribute to the parties.
  • Ongoing Administration – We monitor compliance with the terms and conditions of the financing and manage requests for waivers, amendments and other consents while coordinating with all principals and ensuring financial information and other deliverables are distributed among the parties.
  • Holding Security – We hold pledges of security on behalf of all creditor groups and retain accurate records of all documentation held, often held on site at our offices. Our team acts efficiently upon the release or further pledge of additional security and works closely with legal counsel post-closing to accede guarantors and/or additional borrowers to the financing.


The Leading Agency and Trustee Partner in the Private and Public Loan Markets

Our highly experienced team is well versed in the private and public loan markets, including Mid-market public & private debt; acquisition finance and M&A; unitranche, and syndicated and bank-bond structures. Contact us today for an estimate.

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